The new generation of SPCS-H and SPCI-H air handling units offer advantages that conventional air handling units do not, thanks to their compact design, which simplifies installation, and their on-board control system. Our expertise in air handling and automation has enabled us to create a range of PLUG & PLAY air handling units for use in classified areas.

Solution for

Hospitals & clinics
Pharmaceutical industry
Research labs
Advanced technologies


The selection of profiles and panels allows our AHUs to be installed outdoors.
The inlet filters can be of type G4 to F9 and of type F7 to H14 at the outlet, making it possible to meet all the classifications of premises at risk.

Exchangers can be with direct expansion or chilled water. Regarding heating, exchangers can be hot water or electrical heaters.

Our air handling units are fitted with high-quality EC motors, which offer savings of 30% compared with conventional asynchronous motors.

Energy Recovery

Possibility of integrating a recovery unit to ensure 60% performance according to the new ERP. With its EC motor, it is silent and energy-efficient.

Optimal airflow

Depending on the filters used, the unit provides a constant airflow of up to 30,000m3/h, regardless of how dirty the terminal filtration is.

  • H14 : 27,000 m3/h
  • F9 : 33,000 m3/h