The new generation of SPCS-H & SPCI-H air-handling units brings values to the classic air-handling units do not thanks to a compactness that allows a set-up ease and an on-board regulation system. Our know-how in the air-handling and automatism fields enabled us to create a range of Plug & Play air-handling units designed for the classified zones.

Solution for

Hospitals & clinics
Pharmaceutical industry
Research labs
Advanced technology


The selection of the sections and the panels permits to install our machines outside.
The entry filters can be G4 to F9 types and the exit ones F7 to H14 types, allowing to answer all the risked premises’ classifications.
A cooling coil or an expansion coil does the cooling; a heated coil or an electrical-resistance heating does the warming.
Our machines are equipped with a high quality EC motor permitting a 30% economy compare to the classical asynchronous motors.

Energy Recycling

It is possible to integrate a unit with a recovery coil to insure a 60% performance following the new ERP.
With its EC motor, it is quiet and energy saver.

Optimal airflow

The unit furnishes an airflow going up to a constant 26,000m3/h whatever the terminal filtration clogging.


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