The SPCS and SPCI range of vertical air handling units is ideal for controlled environments, thanks to its specific design and precise control of the conditions required in these areas.

Solution for

Hospitals & clinics
Pharmaceutical industry
Research labs
Advanced technologies

Our advantages

By integrating as many components as possible (controllers, electrical cabinets, sensors, valves, etc.), we can offer a complete range that is ready to install and adapt to complex installations.

Our expertise in sensitive environments is at your disposal to design the most appropriate equipment. The range of vertical air handling units extends up to a flow rate of 28,000m3/h and can provide 100% recycling, 100% fresh air or a mixture of fresh air and recycled air.


  • Plug And Play
  • Compact
  • Air-handling experts
  • Wide modular range


The enclosure consists of an aluminium profile frame and double-skinned partition panels to reduce thermal transmittance and sound levels. Up to 1200Pa available.

Filtration can be provided by three stages of filters ranging from G4 to F9 at the inlet and from F7 to H14 at the outlet. Cooling can be provided by a chilled water or direct expansion exchanger, and heating by a hot water exchanger or electrical heater drawers. The unit incorporates a front-access electrical cabinet, with an operator interface on the door.

The concept is easy to use and install, making it the perfect solution for narrow areas which is usually the case in technical premises.

Energy saving

A conception firmly focused on energy savings conception based on the selection and integration of new technologies geared towards a sustainable development approach.

  • EC type fan
  • Free-cooling functioning
  • Heat-pump functioning
  • Energy recycler
Use and maintenance ease

Cleaning the surfaces and the condensation tank is easy, as well as the filters change.
The information can be checked on a supervision system and are compatible with every communication channel.
Possibility to set-up a remote monitoring panel.

  • Exchanger on rail
  • Integrated electrical cabinet
  • Easy to use PLC (control regulation)
  • Various functioning modes (reduced, sleep, normal)