The company

We are located in Congénies, between Nîmes and Montpellier, in the South of France; where the sales forces, the research & design department and the manufacturing unit work together. This concentration allows a close control of every step in each file handling process, insuring a “Made in France” production.
Our reliable sales force network allows us to firstly have major a foothold in Europe and Africa, but also on the other continents.

Innovative service

With an extensive experience in the air handling domain in the healthcare and advanced technology fields, A2I has adapted itself to the high requirements and the norms’ evolution with the aim of offering innovative equipment answering the new needs in both fields.
Thanks to that, our energy saving objectives are fulfilled.

Strong know-how in the conception and making

Our cabinets’ technicality, along with our experience and our know-how allows us to work with the largest research & design offices and installer to see our products running both in France and abroad.

The company engagement

We focus on the energy saving process and the Environment safety thanks to the advanced technologies we employ.

We always strive for new technologies along with the last standards to offer you the best of the air handling.

Certified ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer, our making process answers the requirements applicable to the quality management.

Constructeur certifié ISO 9001, notre processus de fabrication répond aux exigences applicables au management de la qualité.